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Saturday, July 11

Banded Tit: A Butterfly new to science from Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh

Banded Tit (Hypolycaena narada) specimens at the Research Collections Facility, National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore [Image Courtesy: Krushnamegh Kunte/LRF/JRL]
In a very significant discovery for butterfly lovers, a researcher has described a Lycaenidae butterfly yet unknown to science from Namdapha National Park in eastern Arunachal Pradesh in North-East India. Now known as Banded Tit (Hypolycaena narada), this winged beauty is usually found along the stream sides in the mixed evergreen forests of Namdapha National Park.

Thursday, July 9

Hump-Nosed Pit Viper [ Hypnale hypnale] - Indian Snakes

Restricted to the Western Ghats of India and parts of Central Sri Lanka, Hump Nosed Pit Viper loves spending day in the leaf litter on the forest floor. This snake is a perfect example for camouflage, since spotting it in the leaf litter on the forest floor is a difficult task. 

Sunday, June 28

Poaching major reason for elephant deaths in the Nilgiris in the last three decades: New Study

Asian Elephant, wild elephant, Nilgiris, elephant poaching, elephant mortality
A wild Asian Elephant in Western Ghats, South India

Veerappan may be long gone, but poaching still tops the list as the major reason for elephant mortality during the last three decades in the Nilgiris. Trying to untangle the hidden patterns of elephant mortality in the Nilgiris reported during the 33 year period between 1979 to 2011, a new study reveals that 40 percent of the total elephant deaths from the region during the period were due to poaching.