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Friday, May 29

Animal Behaviour - Himalayan Bulblul distracting intruders from chicks

We have recently spotted two himalayan bulbul chicks right out of their nest trying to fly for the first time. Apparently, their nest was inside a bathroom near a house. So when the mother bulbul spotted humans near the chicks who are trying to fly for the first time, it started showing a peculiar behavior.

Watch the Himalayan Bulbul trying to distract the intruders.

 The bird, with its wings and tail spread to the maximum view, was literally running all over the place in the opposite direction of where the chicks were siting. It was making a peculiar sound. Obviously, it was pretending as if it can not fly. this could be a way to distract a potentail enemy from the chicks. The intruder by following the prominent and bigger bird than the silent and static chicks will move away from them. 

Monday, April 6

Butterflies of India – Yellow Coster (Acraea issoria)

Yellow Coster (Acraea issoria) is a beautiful leathery winged butterfly with a weak but persistent flight, found in countries in the oriental region, like India, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Sumatra. In India, it is seen in the Himalayan foot hills of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland, West Bengal and Sikkim, usually in valleys which are situated at an altitude between 500 to 1500 meters from sea level.

Wednesday, March 18

18 percent of the tiger deaths in 2014 were due to poaching: MoEF

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70 percent of the wild tigers remaining in the world are found in India

Though the latest tiger population estimates in India point to an increase in the population of striped cats in the country, situation is far from safe for these big cats, shows the tiger mortality data from 2014. According to the data on tiger mortality from last year, 18 percent of the total tiger deaths in the country were due to confirmed cases of poaching. 75 per cent of the remaining cases of tiger deaths, authorities have not ruled out poaching as the cause.